What flea products exist? Which option is more convenient for my pet?

What flea products exist? Which option is more convenient for my pet?

Flea collars, pills, pills, injections … ugh, what a difficult choice! “What consequences do I face if I choose any of these options to prevent pests in my pet?”

There are many ways to show our love for those who give us unconditional love, there is no doubt about that, but a genuine way to thank them is to take care of their well-being. Fleas and ticks are a threat to the health of our puppies and kittens! But it is not only about acquiring a product that promises to keep these parasites away but knowing the qualities of each one to provide them with the most convenient.

We’ll give you a bunch of information! And remember, we are everything to them, don’t put your health at risk.

  • Anti-pest collars

Collars are one of the most common ways to prevent infections in our pets. Like almost any product that promises to eliminate pests, it contains chemicals; usually permethrin. The experience of many owners confirm that, although it may be effective for some cats and pups, it is often not enough to protect the entire pet from infectious threats, since the active liquid is concentrated in the neck and not in the back: one of the favorite places for those little pests. So, the hind legs, their hip and their tail could still be exposed? Yup, exactly.

  • Pills

The main advantage that the promoters of the preventive pills communicate is that, when ingested, the effect is much more effective, but, not all puppies and cats show gastrointestinal tolerance to the ingredients of the tablet, so they end up throwing it up. Why do they vomit? Do they taste bad? It is not known that they taste bad, but the substances contained are aggressive for their body. And the durability? Does the effect guarantee a good period of protection? The pills that promise better protection does not offer more than 3 months of effectiveness.

  • Pipettes

Pipettes are most often used in small pets because it is not necessary to have them ingest any substance. A fact that is not commonly known when using this type of resource is that the liquid deposited in the body of the cat or dog gradually loses its effect, until it reaches 3 months, a period in which most of these products tend to expire. Also, using pipettes require you to the pet away from other cats, dogs and even children, because they run the risk of being poisoned when ingesting the chemical. Wow.

  • Injections

For veterinary clinics, the best option will almost always be to apply an anti-pest injection. Why? Because they don’t need to give care instructions to the owners, and because the owner will be forced to return in 3 or 6 months for another injection. The reality is that many of the chemicals supplied in the injections could have serious effects on your loved one: itching, irritation, vomiting, ulcers and, most seriously, poisoning from intolerance to toxins or pesticides. So, then, what is the best option?

The answer is very simple, for those who want to find an effective, safe and lasting alternative.

  • Bioenergetic frequency Pendant

Some people in Mexico still do not know of this mechanism, but it’s important to promote this as it’s a safe alternative. Among all the products offered on the market, the bioenergetic or bioenergetic preventive frequency is the only one that has no side effects, because it does not contain any chemicals. Really? Yup, it’s true! The charm doesn’t expose your pets to irritation, vomiting, ulcers, or intoxication. And it is very easy to use! You can hang the little pendant on his necklace. In addition, the durability reaches up to 10 months, during which time you can ensure that no flea, tick or mosquito will attack your pet.

This technology is mainly used in European countries, in the United States and is expanding rapidly in Mexico because it is harmonious with pets, the people around them and with the environment. The name of the pendant is Kokoty and you can buy it at Amazon, Mercado Libre, Petland stores and on the official website: https://www.kokoty.com/en/

If you want to know how Kokoty works, check the information on this page: https://bit.ly/2TI5ymr

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