What do experts think of bioenergy?

What do experts think of bioenergy?

The term “bioenergy” has caused controversy due to its nature. Is it possible to conceive a magnetic field around the bodies? Is it true that these fields can intervene in the functioning of systems within a being? How could these invisible waves help regulate the functioning of a physical and emotional body?

Although it may seem impossible, the effectiveness of bioenergy is proven. In European countries, different medical procedures where bioenergy plays an indispensable role in improving the health of human beings have already been massively implemented. This is our turn to recognize the different benefits of bioenergy!

Before we start, do you know what bioenergy is?

According to experts, the principles of bioenergy or quantum physics postulate that all beings are more than one body. In this regard, they mention that both humans and animals, have a physical body, an emotional body and another that is more subtle and imperceptible to the five senses.

Therefore, students of bioenergy in health, argue that to keep us healthy and away from the most common threats of the environment, it is necessary to balance the three bodies. That’s why medicine is not always enough to regain health. In fact, traditional medicine has exceptionally led the treatment of diseases and saved millions of lives, and its great advance is today in recognizing the possibility of preventing and healing diseases with 0% invasive procedures such as bioenergetic mechanisms.

With the help of bioenergetic frequencies it is possible to stabilize the functioning of specific organs in beings, as well as psychological tendencies and consequently also behaviors. When a being is in balance with its body, mind and emotional world, it may develop harmoniously in its surroundings! But that’s not it: if a human or animal being keeps its systems in a good working order, its mood will change and it will be more willing to interact positively in the community.

For now, in Mexico there are not many options for bioenergetic care, although for pets we have a great option for prevention of flea and ticks.. Kokoty is the only pendant in Mexico that works bioenergetically to repel the most common threats from the environment. Have you tried it yet? More and more Mexicans acquire Kokoty for their pets. The benefits are diverse: operation of up to 10 months, 0% invasive system, no chemicals and no side effects.

If you want to know more about the mechanism that will keep your pet healthy and happy, read a little more about Kokoty: https://www.kokoty.com/en/

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