Ways to keep fleas away from your pets!

Ways to keep fleas away from your pets!

Locking up your pets to protect them from outside diseases is not an option. They love it when you take them out for a walk!

All the puppies and kittens in the world deserve time of distraction with their humans and a little exercise every day. But how is it possible to protect them from outside pests? Fleas and ticks are a danger to their health … and also to yours!

Ensuring they are safe when taking them out for a walk and when they return home can reduce the risk of attack and implantation of pests in your pup and even in your kittycat. Read these tips, it will be easier for you to become a more loving and responsible human being with your loved ones.

What measures reduce the spread and implantation of fleas and ticks in your pet?

  • When you take them out for a walk, try not to get into bushes, brush or bushes. Did you know that ticks are housed among neglected herbs? They can live in wastelands for up to a year! Waiting for your pet to pass by.
  • When you get home after a walk, check their fur: comb their hair. A few passes with a brush will be enough.
  • Disinfect the bed, the house or the place where your pet usually takes naps and sleeps, especially if it is done in gardens. You should know that grass and soil are an optimal place for reproduction of fleas and ticks.
  • Keep your house clean. Shake furniture, sweep and vacuum the less accessible corners. The most neglected places are usually a pests nest.

What should you do if your dog or kitten already has fleas or ticks?

Don’t pull the ticks out! It is very easy to solve the situation by taking your loved one and removing one by one each tick embedded in his body, but you could cause serious damage. Ticks introduce the upper part of their body into the skin of the cat and dog and, if not completely removed, you could generate an infection.

In the case of fleas or ticks, go to the veterinarian and follow his instructions to a T. Remember that pests are not the whole problem, neglecting an infection can become serious diseases.

A natural and effective preventive.

The measures that we’re giving you insight on, will be very helpful and will certainly reduce the risk of implanting pests in your pet, however, it is not the definitive remedy. If what you want is to walk your loved one without a single worry, choose a method of natural protection. Try to buy products free of chemicals, toxins and other substances that can be counterproductive to the health of a kitty or pup. It has been proven that various chemicals can be fatal.

Science also explains that natural methods, by collaborating with the health of your loved one in a harmonious way with his body, helps to maintain a constant state of health and well-being that moves threats away from their bodies. This promotes a more lasting prevention system, compared to that promoted by aggressive and invasive chemicals, which could be a risk for both your pet and your family.

Kokoty is a preventive pendant of pests in pets, employs a 100% natural method and ensures that your dog or cat will be kept free of the most common environmental threats: fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Using Kokoty, you can also be sure that your pet will not suffer side effects. He, your family and you will be far from chemicals harmful to your health.

If you want to know more about Kokoty, the bioenergetic pendant that more and more Mexicans use to protect their pets, click on this link and find out: https://bit.ly/30FGnSS

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