The irresistible look of dogs. How do they do it?

The irresistible look of dogs. How do they do it?

How difficult it is to see that adorable little face and not give in! It’s most likely already happened to you, where you scold your dog and suddenly, he/she makes the cutest face that you can’t bear to scold them any longer … I’ve got to tell you’ve fallen for the trick!

It is not that puppies are tricky or that they want to manipulate you, in reality, they put those eyes as a consequence of evolution, they do it unconsciously!

According to the studies of the English psychologist Juliane Kaminski and her team, throughout the process of domestication, the wolves were developing greater closeness with human beings and therefore more ability to communicate with them. To send messages to their masters, they had to develop some facial muscles that allowed them to reproduce specific gestures and looks. Wow, now I understand everything!

But wait! We haven’t reached the most interesting part! It turns out that it is not only the ability acquired to make gestures with their beautiful faces, but these expressions provide chemical reactions similar to those present in a crush … Wow! Aha, this explains why we become so fond of them.

Oxytocin, also known as “love hormone”, which you generate in eye contact with your puppy causes different things in you: it reduces blood pressure, lowers stress levels and gradually eliminates anxiety. Thus, it is almost impossible not to feel something when they look at us with those big, bright eyes.

Well, why not close the article with another even more impressive fact? Studies have shown that the expressions made by puppies irrefutably resemble the gestures of a human baby. Ohhhh! That’s why sometimes we love them as if they were our children. It is possible that many people have objections to this, but the reality is that emotions are emotions, and that puppies have become an indispensable companion in our lives.

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