Cat therapy! Steps to have an anti-stress time at home

Cat therapy! Steps to have an anti-stress time at home

If you agree with the idea that human beings adopt kittens to take care of them and keep them safe and sound … I must tell you that reality paints something slightly different…

Health sciences have adopted a new practice in which kittens perform the most difficult work. And they do it in such a natural way that they don’t even suspect the hard work they do! Kittens have something called “a rehabilitative effect” on humans. Does that mean … do they take care of us?

The answer is “yes.” And their care has so many benefits that you can’t even begin to imagine them.

Cats for everyone!!

For years, different hospitals and homes for older adults around the world have decided to adopt kittens with the goal of reviving people. Several investigations prove that the immediate effects of being close to these cute animals help with the reduction of stress, the improvement of concentration, but also a lower risk of suffering cardiovascular problems. but, do you need special or trained cats to perform cat therapy?

This is probably the best news: you can do “cat therapeutic” sessions in your own home, at any time you want. What’s the requirement? Have a kitty! I wouldn’t have imagined that… but yes, it’s that simple. They know perfectly well how to make you feel better. Here are some simple steps to achieve the best therapy session with your cat.

  • 1. Choose the best time of day for your session. When are you in a calm space?
  • 2. Position yourself on an armchair, comfortable chair or on your bed and relax.
  • 3. Attract your kittens’ attention to get close to you. You will immediately know that you want some of his love.
  • 4. Once with you, caress his head, his ears, his back and chest (and here, we recommend you avoid touching his hind legs and tail, usually they don’t enjoy this).
    1. And finally, feel the vibrations coming from their belly and listen to their purr. Ahhhh, how relaxing…

Take care of who takes care of you.

The only thing that could prevent a wonderful session with your kitten would be the annoying pests. Prevent fleas and ticks in your kitten. You should know that these infections will prevent you from being in harmony and this will complicate your time with him. It will even be risky for you to stay close to parasites.

To avoid this from happening, acquire a pest preventive mechanism that is effective, durable and noble with your pet. Kokoty is a charm that you can hang on the collar of your cat to repel the most common external parasitic threats: fleas, ticks and mosquito bites. Kokoty does not contain chemicals, so you can forget about risks of poisoning, irritation or mood swings.

Click on this link and learn more about the only bioenergetic anti-pest mechanism in Mexico: https://www.kokoty.com/en/

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