Can your pet forget?

Can your pet forget?

Wow, this one’s a touchy subject! We all wish that our pets will remember us up until the day they leave us.

Have you seen that video, in which two breeders release a baby lion in Kenya after giving him love and affection for a long period of time and after a while they go back to visit him and the lion still recognizes them? What’s the difference between the memory of a lion and the one of puppies?

They’re not as different as you may think! According to studies, dogs have two types of memory: one that is short term and one that is long term. What interests us the most is that their long-term memory is associative. What does this mean? It means that they don’t actually keep specific memories from certain experiences with you, other people or animals but they do however have sensations, smells, flavors, images and sounds that represent something to them, whether it’s a pleasant or an unpleasant smell.

So, if you’ve given all your love to your pet, you feed them well, you speak to them softly, you take care of their health and you do other actions that give them a healthy lifestyle, then they will remember those happy sensations and associate them with you. It’s that simple! If you decide to go on vacation for a month, it is possible that they’ll miss all the affection you usually give them, but when they see you again they won’t be saying “oh hey look, it’s Julia, my owner who always takes me for walks and takes me to the vet”, but more so, they’ll get a warm feeling in their bellies that tells them that they are back with the one person who cares for their wellbeing.

On second thought, we too feel those emotions too, don’t we?

In order to not go around in circles, the chances are that your pooch will remember you forever. But for that to happen it’s important that you have created significant experiences for them. One way to achieve this is to spend time with them, making you become part of his life, his daily routine and of his care.

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